Three surprising ways to save money on your next vehicle


When shopping for a new vehicle, it’s normal to want the get the best possible deal. There are plenty of ways to save, some being less known than others. These include government rebates, graduate rebates, and employee pricing. See if your dealership offers any of these options. At John Bear St.Catharines, we offer all three.

Government rebates

Thanks to government rebates, you can save a lot on the purchase of an electrified vehicle. Some models can get up to $5,000 off.

Graduate rebates

Did you just graduate? Take the opportunity to save some money on the purchase of your next vehicle and start off your automotive journey with a bit more money in your pocket.

Employee pricing

Employee pricing is when consumers pay the same price as employees from the company. You can save thousands when you become a member of the family! Contact us today at John Bear St.Catharines today to learn more about all of our rebates and incentives.